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Class Schedule

Spiritual Geeks /

Mind Body Skills

Thursday evenings

6:30—8:00 p.m.


These groups are for all “Spiritual Geeks” who like to get together to discuss uplifting topics, learn new information about the healing arts, and generally hang out to feel good.  We meditate and channel spiritual energy with and for each other.  The results feel great!  We are always open to hearing from you if you have a gift to share with the group.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Guided Imagery
  • Movement
  • Journaling
  • Drawing
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Meditation
  • Tarot
  • Aromatherapy
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Sound Healing
  • More?


Location: (next door to Urgent Care in the New Seasons Happy Valley shopping center)

16144 SE Happy Valley Town Center Dr. Ste 214,

Happy Valley, OR.

Directions:  If you are going east on Sunnyside, turn left on 162nd, then turn left into Happy Valley Town Center.  When you get to the top of the hill (stop sign), look to your left. “Hand and Stone” is on your left and “Petite Patisserie.”  You will be entering the door next to the “Petite Patisserie”.  Go straight back to the end to enter Sunnyside Collaborative Care.



Jeanette Chardon, MSW is a holistic counselor and coach who teaches energy medicine and mind-body techniques, proven to be useful in gaining greater physical health, vitality, spiritual balance, and inner peace. She has built her practice on the belief that people can change their lives through the power inherent in their unique “body-mind.”


Join the SPIRITUAL GEEKS   -To be contacted with the up-to-date topic of the group, please go to www.meetup.com/spiritual-geeks and join the group.  You will receive an e-mail with each weeks’ topic.


Schedule of Classes: 

March 10, 2016:  Reiki Healing Circle

The Reiki circle is a great way to spend a healing evening. Reiki is an amazingly simple technique to learn; we all know it inherently.  The energy “stream” of Reiki is made available during an attunement process in which the initiate is aligned with the Reiki “stream” of energy.  Reiki allows practitioners to tap into this unlimited supply of “life force energy.”For tonight’s meetup, no previous experience is necessary.  We will start at 6:00.  If you are late, just come in, quiet yourself and join one of the rooms.


March 17, 2016:  Sound Healing, Drumming

Let’s explore the magic of sound healing.  Bring drums, rattles, noise makers, musical instruments and singing bowls.  We will talk about the use of sound in healing, as well as experience the grounding and centering as we make sound together.


April 3, 2016, 12-5 p.m.:  Reiki I Attunement and Training

If you are interested in using the Reiki energy for self-healing, or channeling Reiki to loved ones, or pets, Reiki, Level I Attunement is for you. This will give you the experience of feeling this high-healing energy flowing through you and being directed by you through your intention.  You will learn to transmit this loving, healing energy to others; this is an energy that heals the transmitter as well as the recipient.

You will be attuned to the unique frequency of Reiki energy, and receive the Power Symbol. The symbol may be used by you to increase the intensity of Reiki for maximum benefit. What you can expect to learn/receive during Level I training:

  • History and lineage of Reiki
  • Use of Reiki for self-healing
  • Attunement
  • Exercises to strengthen your connection to the Reiki stream
  • Breathing techniques
  • Introduction to Chakras and Chakra balancing

You will receive a Level I Certificate and a Level I and II manual by William Lee Rand. This manual is filled with useful information about Reiki, its history and usage. It also has hand positions and descriptions of the Reiki Symbols.

To be part of a Level l class contact me by phone 503-866-3192 or email mindbodyspa@gmail.com.

**Cost of Level I Training and Attunement: $150

**Cost of Level II Training and Attunement: $250

If you take both during this series: $300


April 10, and 24, 2016, 12-5 pm: Reiki Level II  (Both classes are required for certification)

If you want to expand your practice of Reiki to those beyond your family, you should consider Level II Attunement.

During this class you will receive the Level II Attunement, as well as three Reiki symbols to increase the efficacy of  the Reiki energy.  Level II increases the focus and intensity of the flow of Reiki energy through you.  You become a clearer and more aligned channel, increasing your influence and focus.  What you can expect to learn/receive during Level II training:

  • Attunement, three symbols, and their uses
  • Exercises to connect you with your personal Reiki Guides and intensify your connection to the Reiki stream
  • Hand positions for giving Reiki treatments
  • Byosen Scanning (noticing)
  • Beaming Reiki
  • Long-distance Reiki
  • Reiki practice on each other
  • You will receive a Level II Certificate and the William Lee Rand Reiki Manual and “Essential Reiki” by Diane Stein.

To be part of a Level ll class contact me by phone 503-866-3192 or email mindbodyspa@gmail.com.

**Cost of Level II Training and Attunement: $250


Call if you have any questions call 503-866-3192


Geekout with Spiritual Geeks

Spiritual Geeks meet periodically to discuss a variety of topics, all uplifting, inspiring to us. We let the synergy of the group take us higher and higher.  You decide the topic.  No experience necessary! Go to www.meetup.com/Spiritual-Geeks to join the group and receive updates on topics. 

Groups and Classes (except the coastal weekend retreats) are all located at Sunnyside Collaborative Care

16144 SE Happy Valley Town Center Dr., Suite 214, HV, OR  97086 

Directions:  If you are going east on Sunnyside, turn left on 162nd.  When you get to the top of the hill (stop sign), look to your left.  Hand and Stone is on your left and Petite Patisserie.  You will be entering the door next to the Petite Patisserie.  Go straight back to the end to enter Sunnyside Collaborative Care. 


Here’s what folks are saying about Jeanette’s groups and classes:

Jeanette has a unique set of skills and knowledge based on actual experience as a counselor and a life-long dedication of research on a wide variety of methods proven to work and heal the body, mind and spirit. This meet-up was very enlightening and found it refreshing she combined many different ways of understanding the body and mind through spirit to arrive at a way to empower each individual on their path to healing. Joanne, Portland, OR

This class is like the energizer bunny, it just keeps on GIVING! Jeanette’s warm and kind heart embrace all & her meetings provide a welcoming healing place for everyone in all stages of one’s healing journey. Always allowing everyone attending to gain more depth to their own spirituality through her teachings & leave feeling a whole lot better! Rose, Portland, OR

Jeanette’s guided imagery-meditations are very powerful, and I experienced first hand the benefits of this through her beautiful voice as I begin to easily go inward into my own journey.

It is obvious that she generously desires to share with others the peace and well-being that comes from all the years of experience working with others, her own healing journey, and vast knowledge learned throughout all her years of being a student and a teacher/guide. Her humor always adds such lightheartedness to her classes, making them fun too! There always was a comfort in her group/classes that allowed me to be myself, and to let my spirit release whatever I was working on at the moment in a very supportive & non-judgemental way. These are just a few of the wonderful gifts Jeanette is endowed with! Rose, Vancouver, WA

Jeanette is gifted. There was much bliss in the room . . . . Thanks for being willing to be where we all seemed to be! 🙂 Sheryl, Portland, OR

This is a great group. It gives a good round experience of a variety of holistic practices. I highly recommend this group. Patrick, Portland, OR

Jeanette is so full of love life and joy. It warms my heart to be there. I feel like I am a brighter person when I leave. Thank you Jeanette. You have a golden soul. Thank you for openly sharing your wonderful knowledge with us. Heather, Damascus, OR

If you would like to learn more about caring for yourself and others in a natural way, this group is for you. Rosemary, Portland, OR

Great way to pick up easy self-care tips and learn new concepts of healing. Natalie, Portland, OR

This is a great group to learn ways to work on the journey toward wholeness and restore joy. Joanne, Portland, OR

This is a great group for discussing all different aspects of the mind and body, each week is different and in a comfortable and safe environment for sharing your thoughts. Susan, Portand, OR