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Portland Reiki Attunement

What is an Attunement? Most people channel energy through their hands. That is why if you bump your elbow, you immediately rub it with your hand to ease the pain. Reiki is a form or frequency of energy healing. Attunement turns on the frequency of Reiki. It also turns up this innate capacity that you have to channel energy through your hands. Then this energy, when focused with intention, becomes a very powerful, useful tool. What are Symbols? When you are attuned, you are given Symbols which aid in different types of healing. The most common of these are: A

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Energy and the Emerging Paradigm of Health Care

Energy – That is the name of the game.  In spite of our energy “crisis” and our “depleting” energy, there is nothing that is not energy at its basis.  Albert Einstein postulated that all matter is energy. As human beings we are matter that is animated – made energetic.  In addition to the inert energy that is contained in matter, we, as live organisms have the opportunity to move through the physical plane and interpret expressions of energy, as well as transmit expressions of energy.  We are each expressing or transmitting a frequency of energy.  We are like high-power cables