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Jeanette Chardon, MSW is a “body whisperer” with over 16 years’ experience in working with people who have serious or chronic illness – conditions often considered unsolvable, such as fibromyalgia, cancer, and other chronic conditions.

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Mastery of Love

Mastery of Love, a book by Don Miguel Ruiz is a masterpiece and so pertinent to today’s issues.  In it, Don Miguel posits that we respond to events in our life either out of fear or out of love.  We have seen quite a bit of evidence in the political arena of the...

Meditation – Mind Body Skills Class

The first of our six Mind Body Skills Classes was held last Thursday, October 1 on Meditation. We introduced ourselves, explained a bit about why we were here. We first did a “Soft Belly” meditation where we inhaled, reciting “Soft” and exhaled, reciting “Belly” to...

Essential Oils

This will be a long post, but I just have to share.  I just attended a doTERRA® sponsored event featuring M.D.’s who are using the oils in their practices.  We heard from 3 MD’s who use oils in their practices, and one MSc who is a researcher  who has already...

Reiki Attunements

This past Reiki Retreat was so satisfying. The Reiki class and attunements were directed toward the two initiates who came forth to be initiated, but the everyone participated in the discussion of Reiki, each sharing the wisdom of their experience.   Soon after the...

Spiritual Geeks

I recently created a group called the Spiritual Geeks.  (Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/841879019163090/) This is a perfect extension of my world view.  Since my orientation is shamanic, there are many perceptions of the reality we call reality.  In...

The Stories we Tell

Recently I attended a reunion of folks who were in the Order with me in the 70’s to early 80’s.  It was interesting to get with these folks again and to learn how they have responded to the Call, since the Order’s demise.  The Order was an esoteric teaching and...