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MBS Retreats


Radiant Health


Welcome!  It is my wish and prayer that if you are looking for better health in body, mind, or spirit, you will find relief here.  My entire practice is built upon the premise that you are perfect in your spirit, and that the more aligned you are in Spirit, the healthier you will become.  When working with people, I use a variety of mind-body healing modalities, including deep relaxation, guided imagery, meditation, Reiki, sound healing, and many other mind-body techniques, using only those with which you resonate.  This is an intuitive journey.  You will begin to tap in to the deep wisdom of your body.  Through this process, you will learn how to heal yourself through connecting deeply with your body and spirit.

We understand that we are all composed of energy.  When our energy is imbalanced, we notice symptoms – either physical or emotional symptoms.  By understanding your energetic basis and doing simple mind-body exercises, you will increase your capacity to heal yourself from within.

Our “energy-body” (otherwise called spirit or soul) is at the very core of who we are. It permeates our being, giving structure to every cell of our bodies. Our physical body is a reflection of all the experiences of our life. Negative or traumatic experiences leave an imprint upon our energy body, which can lead to blockages in the flow of life-force within us. Eventually we may experience imbalances in our sense of physical and emotional well-being. Getting to the underlying cause of disease, pain or illness, you can learn to adjust your energy and maintain perfect health.  I act as an observer and facilitator during your journey.

If you are ready to change, to move through your energy blockages and create perfect health and balance of mind, body and spirit, call today. I will be most happy to support your journey to radiant health.




Mind Body Spa has three pillars of healing:

Mind Body Healing

  • Mind
  • Emotional Balance
  • Flexible
  • Open
  • Mental Clarity
  • Education

Body Health

  • Body
  • Grounded
  • Strong
  • Capable
  • At ease
  • Vital
  • Reiki

Spiritual Healing

  • Spirit (Spa)
  • Supported
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-Love and Respect
  • Knowledge of your True Self











Retreats offer opportunities to sink into an intensive experience of one or more of these mind/body/spirit modalities. The group offers powerful synergy that lends energy to your intention to be well. You will experience a deepening of the modalities presented that will allow you to move forward with renewed motivation to remain balanced and well. For upcoming retreats, see the Retreats page.


This is a YES! place

Love is a YES!

Not a maybe

Or a will see

Or a if you do this & this & this

It’s a brisk, clear water, earth, air

And fire paradise!

We are whole and alive

And brilliant and beautiful

And YES!!

Joanie Levine


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